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August 25, 2012
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Secrets Endings: Neo Lumino

Note: all secret endings are for Vampire Savior only

Secret endings: Talbain and Felicia (Unlock: Complete Neo's Arcade mode at least once, and finish all stages with EX Finish when playing with Neo (Note: only needs to be done once to unlock))

• Jon Talbain:
(Talbain is seen close up for a moment, before the scene shows him standing (he is facing to the left), with the silhouette of another werewolf in the background (same as his normal ending))
Talbain: That guy…

Talbain: I've finally found him… He knows the truth that I've been seeking, but I can't return once I've learned it.

(Talbain is seen close up again, before the scene zooms in on one of his eyes. In the reflection of his eye, the werewolf silhouette seemingly turns into the silhouette of a normal wolf)
Talbain: What should I do?! Do I go back?! Or do I stay?!

(The scene then shows Talbain standing again, before turning to the screen. He seems to be considering what he should do, before something shiny on the ground catches his eye)
Talbain: …This is…

(The scene shows two items near Talbain's foot. A photo of Talbain, Neo, and Felicia together, and a diamond ring. Talbain then picks up the two items, before the scene changes to show Talbain's face (his eyes are closed, as he has a small smile on his face))
Talbain: I'm such a fool. I know exactly what I should do.

(The scene changes to show the full moon in the night sky, as the scene shifts down to show a small cabin in the woods, with a camp fire near it)
Neo: Hey, big sis… I wonder if big bro's alright…

(The scene focuses on the campfire, to reveal Neo and Felicia sitting around the campfire)
Felicia: I'm sure he's fine. Jon can take care of himself. Besides, he promised that he'd come back…

Neo: Yeah, but… He's been gone for quite a while…

Felicia: I know… I'm worried too… But I believe that he'll come back to us.

(The scene then shows a shadow enter the scene)
Talbain: I'm back. Sorry I took so long.

Neo: Big bro!

Felicia: Jon! Welcome back!

(The scene shows the campfire again, only this time, Talbain (still in werewolf form) is with Neo and Felicia. All three of them are smiling happily together)
Neo: Wow, big bro! I'm really happy that you came back, but… Why did you pass up a chance to learn the truth you were looking for?

Talbain: Because I realized that what I had to give up to learn that truth just wasn't worth it.

Felicia: Well, I'm just glad that you're alright. Besides, all that matters is that we're together again.

Talbain: Yeah, that's right.

(The scene then changes to show the three of them around the campfire from afar, before the scene slowly shifts up back to the full moon in the sky)
Talbain: Oh, before I forget, there's something I wanted to ask you, Felicia.

Felicia: Hm? What is it? What did you want to ask me?

Talbain: Felicia… Would you…marry me?

(The final scene shows the full moon, with a faded image of the diamond ring in Talbain's paw)

• Felicia:
(The scene shows a wedding take place on a hill at sunset)
Narrator: A few months after Jedah's defeat…

Priest: Do you take this woman to be your loving wife?

Groom: I do

Priest: And do you take this man to be your loving husband?

Bride: I do

Priest: Then, by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

(The scene now shows the newlywed couple entering their wedding reception, as a young boy in a tux greets them)

Boy: Congrats, big bro, big sis!

Guest 1: Took you two long enough

Guest 2: Now – now, this is their special day, let's just enjoy it

Groom: *Chuckles* Sorry to keep everyone waiting

(The Bride is seen reaching for her wedding veil)
Bride: Well… since we're all here now…

(The Bride pulls off her veil to reveal herself to be Felicia. At the same time, the scene reveals the Groom to be Talbain (in human form))
Felicia: Let's get this party started!

(The receptions starts, as the scene reveals the guests to be their friends (human and Darkstalker), before the scene slowly shifts up to show the sunset, as a fade image of Talbain and Felicia kissing is seen in the sky)
Here are the secret endings from my 'what if' where my OC Neo is a character in the Darkstalkers games, using my Fanfiction storylines.

I can safely say that any Talbain X Felicia fans will find the endings enjoyable.
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aldroim Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
but are those real?
tdnart Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
Of course not (though I sure wish they were, since Talbain's original ending is messed up). These are fan-made endings in an alternate universe where my OC exists.
sammychan816 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012
That was beautiful. I love this pairing, they're my favorites.
tdnart Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012
Glad you like it. Btw, which ending do you think looked better?
sammychan816 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012
The best ending for Talbain and
Felicia is the wedding.
tdnart Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012
Yeah, I figured it would fit better as Felicia's ending
sammychan816 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012
That's perfect. I'll draw some more pics
of Talbain and Felicia, but not until
tdnart Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012
I look forward to them
sammychan816 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012
Thanks. Here's what I got so far:

tdnart Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
Looks great. Btw, would u like to try drawing the scenes of this ending?
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